Thompson Zoological Society

The Thompson Zoological Society consists of a group of volunteers from the community. The members of the Society include:

Geoff Greenfield


Originally from Southern Ontario, where Geoff gained decades of experience in various aspects of the construction industry. He has been involved in everything from large scale apartment buildings, residential condominiums and small family homes. He has extensive knowledge and experience with building and property maintenance, along with the ability to operate a wide variety of  equipment. He is also an entrepreneur and small business owner.


He joined the Boreal Discovery Center, to help with the construction and development of a world class facility.

Providing a place where anyone and everyone is welcomed. A place to see and learn about our vast Boreal Forest.

So that both the young and old can learn to love the great outdoors.

Barb Carlson


Barb joined the Thompson Zoological Society in 2015. She runs the summer programming for children at the Boreal Discovery Centre.

Barb works for the University College of the North, She holds the position of early childhood education Instructor. She has worked for UCN for 15 years. She is a member learning council, executive council committee. She is a long-time member of the Manitoba Child Care Association.

She has worked with children and families for over 40 year and is dedicated to teaching children and adult about nature and benefit of being connected to nature.

Lyle Safronetz

Vice Chair

Tasha Girard


Kerri Wheaton


Sharon Lang


Eylse Gervais


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Meetings of the Society are held at the site of the Boreal Discovery Centre. If you would like to volunteer or attend a meeting feel free to contact us.